Acts 21:34–22:28

Have there ever been times in your life when you knew speaking the truth would, at best, keep things the way they were? And, at worst, make things horribly wrong? Or, have you had the experience that no matter how much you speak the truth, others only hear lies?

These scenarios might seem far-fetched, yet, that was exactly what Paul experienced.

“You speak Greek?”

“Aren’t you the Assassin leader?”

“You speak Aramaic?”

“You’re a Roman citizen?”

Yes, one the first is a literal question. The other 3 are just summarizations of other verses. Yet, the entirety is that Paul was dismissed. He wasn’t worthy.

People could share plenty of false information (that’s what started the riot, after all). Why bother to inspect the truth?

We are in a weird time. Truth is questioned. Truth is questionable.

Before you throw politics into this, understand that the Truth of our faith remains steadfast. It is the only Truth.

Paul spoke the Truth. He did not speak the truth that people wanted to hear. This is the same thing that we are seeing now. It is place (schools, homes, churches, governments) agnostic.

Many of you may have experienced those first questions when you think about spiritual/faith conversations you have had.

Who are you? A child of God

What is Truth? That God loved you so much that he sent his son to die to reconcile God’s lost Creation to himself.

No, the Truth is not comfortable to many, or even most, people. Sharing the Truth will only become harder.


Father of all Truth, may we have the courage of our faith to share your Truth in love with a world that does and doesn’t want to hear it. Amen.