Psalm 4; Daniel 10:2–19; 1 John 2:26–28

Relationships are very important to us. Sometimes relationships can seem to be invisible or even not related to us. The invisible and “unrelated” ones will often have impacts beyond our imaginings or expectations.

Daniel had a relationship with God. It was very solid and sound. Daniel trusted God implicitly and explicitly. God provided wisdom and mystical visions to Daniel.

Some of those visions were…unsettling. Daniel often struggled with those he received. He even needed supernatural support to recover, at least this time.

Daniel had times where he had to choose God or ease, and chose God. Daniel was secure in God.

Daniel’s relationship is often called, “anointed.” John refers to anointing, well. While it may seem to be different, it is not, and yet is.

It is the same insofar as the Holy Spirit empowered Daniel, just as the Holy Spirit empowers us. It is different insofar as most of us don’t have the gifts of wisdom and mystical visions. There are some that have one or the other, but very rarely both.

Our empowerment by the Holy Spirit is also not limited to that. Think about that. What we know of Daniel is beyond imagining. We are not limited to Daniel. The church—The Bride of Christ—is not so limited.


Do you think the church is limited? Do you think you are limited? What does being empowered by the Holy Spirit mean to you?


Lord, give us your power to do your will in honor, grace, truth, and love. Amen.

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