Serve and Sit

Psalm 51:1–12; Habakkuk 3:2–13; John 12:1–11

That household is a problem. That’s pretty much the description for the household of Lazarus, Mary, and Martha. One dies, is buried for 3 days, and then lives again (and will die again). Another takes some really expensive stuff and washes feet with it!

At least one was normal, right? Martha at least understood proper propriety when hosting a guest (even though it was Jesus). Oh, except at the tomb of Lazarus she declared Jesus the Messiah (before Lazarus was raised from the dead). Nevermind. She’s just slightly better. Barely.

If you had had Jesus at your house, would you have been Lazarus, Mary, or Martha? All of us would have tendencies to be all of them. For most of us, we would not be solely any of them. Even I would be sorely tempted to start cleaning house (and that’s not my thing). Perhaps I would be like Lazarus who would recline almost as an equal (but still with the “this guy raised me from the dead” look). Maybe I would be like Mary who didn’t care about propriety or place and sit at the feet of Jesus.

Many of us would like to immediately say we should be like Mary, however, is that really the case? Jesus didn’t tell Martha to come sit. Was it Martha’s place to sit at Jesus’ feet? There are a great many people in the church (and in the world) whose particular gifting is service. They feel more connected to Jesus when serving.

That doesn’t mean that they should never sit at the feet of Jesus, but always sitting at the feet of Jesus is not good either. Sitting and learning only is good when it is applied to life.


Do you know what your spiritual gift/calling is? How do you use it for Jesus?