Movie About a Christian

Read: Luke 9:18–50 One of the reasons I love and appreciate the concept of the “church year” is that we are often confronted by the hard passages, especially those that often make no sense to our post-enlightenment (i.e., science- and data-driven) minds. This is, as you probably inferred, one of those days. Today is Transfiguration… Continue reading Movie About a Christian

Give It Up

Psalm 123; Jeremiah 7:27–34; Matthew 8:18–22 There was this guy who loved science. He loved nature. He pursued the academics to take care of the wilds. Except he was stubborn. You see, what he loved wasn’t the science, but Creation. In fact, he wasn’t good at it at all. He stuck with that choice for… Continue reading Give It Up

Junk Food Fast

Psalm 80; Isaiah 5:1–7; Galatians 5:16–26 Both Psalm 80 and the passage from Isaiah 5 are not warmhearted Scriptures. They both address the reality that the Israelites have not been faithful to God. Other places in the Scriptures note that the Israelites were faithful in their actions, or at least they attempted to complete the… Continue reading Junk Food Fast