Places for Scripture

Psalm 93; Deuteronomy 11:18–21; Mark 16:19–20 “Place these words…on your heart” and then fast forward to “…they went out and proclaimed the message everywhere.”One of the little truths about this passage in Deuteronomy is the very simple tool given that many turned into a soulless rule or merely room decor. God directed that God’s word… Continue reading Places for Scripture

Remembrance of Change

SermonTemplate400 words (3 minutes)Auto-publish to Faithlife SermonsAboutSeriesTopicsPassages Genesis 1:1–5; Acts 19:1–7; Mark 1:4–1 Approximately 70% of the earth is covered by water. Around 3% of that is readily drinkable. On average, a human is 60% water. Depending on weather and health, a human can survive 2–7 days without additional liquid. We all know water is… Continue reading Remembrance of Change

Countercultural Love

2 Samuel 1:17–27, Romans 12:9–21, Romans 13:1-10 David had been pursued by the House of Saul for many years. Even after Saul acknowledged that David had been acting more righteous than he, there wasn’t restoration. David was cut off from his friends (like Saul’s son, Jonathan), his first wife, his nation. He was in exile.… Continue reading Countercultural Love