Throne Encirclement

Psalm 95; 1 Chronicles 11:1–9; Revelation 7:13–17 Thrones are attractive. The concept of a throne involves power, wealth, and influence. Depending on “the throne”, it might also have religious and cultural ramifications as well. Thrones, or their facsimiles, often draw those who are weak, yet seek strength. Thrones also draw those who crave power and… Continue reading Throne Encirclement

Working It

Ecclesiastes 2:18–3:8, Matthew 20:1–16, 1 Peter 1:17–2:1 There is a movement afoot for people to enjoy their work. Younger people are throwing off the chains of previous generations that did work they did not enjoy so that they could support their families. This is not to say that previous generations were wrong, but that many… Continue reading Working It