Give It Up

Psalm 123; Jeremiah 7:27–34; Matthew 8:18–22 There was this guy who loved science. He loved nature. He pursued the academics to take care of the wilds. Except he was stubborn. You see, what he loved wasn’t the science, but Creation. In fact, he wasn’t good at it at all. He stuck with that choice for… Continue reading Give It Up

Community Essentials

Psalm 133; John 20:19–31; Acts 4:32–35; 1 John 1:1–2:2 Security is a very important thing. In many respects, a number of the high-profile political arguments are over what exactly is security. Differing opinions of what includes security and the perception of who is responsible for such security can really create the potential for discord. The… Continue reading Community Essentials

Church of Destruction

Galatians 2:17–21, Ephesians 2:1–10 There has been a lot of talk in some circles about the increasing percentage of the U.S. population that calls themselves, “nones.” This is used to define categorize people as those having no definitive religious identity. This “none” categorization is awful. It covers a huge range of people. The panic, in… Continue reading Church of Destruction

Pagan Response

Ezekiel 27:1–36, Ezekiel 28:20–23, Luke 10:13–16 To understand Jesus’ “woe” statements, one needs to understand history. While Tyre and Sidon were now (in Jesus’ time) prosperous cities, their pride, pagan behavior, and anti-Israel behavior had gotten them a lot of punishment. After Ezekiel’s prophesy, the cities weren’t washed clean, but wiped-off-the-map cleansed. Because of their… Continue reading Pagan Response