How to Come Back

1 Corinthians 11:17–33 It’s almost over it seems. The time of being masked and constrained nears its end. On the other hand, already another strain of COVID is showing up, but the reality is that we, as an entire world, are at our limits. It seems great that we’re almost there, except that we really… Continue reading How to Come Back

Know Justice. Know Peace.

Speaking peace to people often seems to be a lost cause. First, many people don’t want peace. Actually, many people don’t want peace. Oh, they want peace from war (most). That often is the most common form of “peace” we use in everyday language. There is another one that is often used in Christian circles, usually used in the context of “being at peace.” Contented trust may be more accurate, but not always. However, peace is far more than no war.

Moving Pain

Psalm 107:1–3, 23–32; Job 38:1–11; 2 Corinthians 6:1–13; Mark 4:35–41 The right time. God moved at the right time. God’s timing is perfect. From a purely intellectual standpoint, these are easy to say. It is much harder to say this in the midst of trial and be at peace with that truth. We will often… Continue reading Moving Pain

Utopia Maybe

Psalm 29; Isaiah 2:1–5; Romans 8:9–11 The statistics don’t seem promising. The percentage of regular church-goers has been falling generation by generation for the last four generations. While the percentage of Americans that say they are Christian is high (relatively), a very high percentage of them say religion isn’t that important to them, and all… Continue reading Utopia Maybe

Peace and Blessings

Numbers 6:22–27, Luke 10:3–12, John 14:25–30, John 20:19–28 (read online ⧉) The Levitical or priestly blessing has been a mainstay for the Jews and Christians for millennia. The pronouncement of blessing, protection, acknowledgment, grace, favor, and peace pretty much sums up what a life with God should result in. What makes this tiny passage even… Continue reading Peace and Blessings

Freedom From Earned

Genesis 15:1–6, Romans 5:1–11, 1 John 1:5–2:2 One of the ongoing struggles that people have is earning their salvation. They think they can, or that they must. This is what is often called “works” in Christian circles. Theologians have discussed what “works” is from a more philosophical perspective. Some have argued that Abraham completed a… Continue reading Freedom From Earned