Changing Diapers

Psalm 74; Isaiah 26:16–27:1; Luke 11:14–28 When Joni (my wife) was pregnant with our first (to be born) child, we had an odd conversation with another couple. They told us (almost mockingly) that soon our conversation would change to include the color and consistency of our child’s poop. We chuckled. That was ridiculous. Who would… Continue reading Changing Diapers

Little Pieces Together

Psalm 104:24–35; Joel 2:18–29; 1 Corinthians 12:4–11 Before churches had stained glass, there were two ways the church would decorate and—more importantly—tell the stories of the Bible (and the church) in pictures. The first was primarily on the wall and ceilings, and that was paintings. The second was primarily on the floor, but also sometimes… Continue reading Little Pieces Together

Serve and Sit

Psalm 51:1–12; Habakkuk 3:2–13; John 12:1–11 That household is a problem. That’s pretty much the description for the household of Lazarus, Mary, and Martha. One dies, is buried for 3 days, and then lives again (and will die again). Another takes some really expensive stuff and washes feet with it! At least one was normal,… Continue reading Serve and Sit