Moved To Change It Up

Psalm 104:24–34; Ezekiel 37:1–14; John 15:26–27; John 16:4b–15; Acts 2:1–21

The Christian music artist Mandisa has a song, “Overcomer”. It’s a pretty simple song (and catchy, of course). It talks about “you” (the listener) being an overcomer by the grace and power of God. It’s a cross-genre song (crossing into the pop-commercial genre) where people who are not believers hear the message, but probably don’t get it.

The way Mandisa uses overcomer is slightly different than Ezekiel’s overcome by the Spirit, but there is a commonality…God. Mandisa’s overcomer is how a Christian has the ability to overcome the emotional and spiritual battles of life through the power of God and the Holy Spirit. Ezekiel is overcome (perhaps, taken over) by the Spirit and through this brings life (in vision) to bones that are dead, dry, and useless.

Pentecost (the coming of the Holy Spirit onto the disciples) is that same sort of thing. The dry spiritual bones of the People of God imbued by the Holy Spirit revitalizes, changes, and reconciles the People of God to God. Just like in the Old Testament, however, not all the dry bones want to be alive again. Yet, here the disciples (as promised by Jesus) stand publically (in contrast to hiding away as they had been) declaring the glory of God.

We do have to understand that it is Peter that is the frontman. While the others were with him (or he with them), they were not the focus. Does that mean they had no place? Of course not, for the Holy Spirit “fell” upon them, too! Did they have some sort of impassioned impressive speech? The Scriptures don’t say they do, except that they were saying something, for they were recognized by others.

You are probably not, in this context, Peter. Most of us aren’t. However, you are like one of the other disciples. As a believer in Jesus Christ, you have the Holy Spirit. You have the right, ability, and responsibility to speak to others about the redemptive work of God. You have been gifted to speak to at least one person in a “tongue” they understand, what it means to follow Jesus.


  • Who is your “one” that your hearts burns for, whom you are stirred to talk about Jesus with? How are you specially prepared or placed to speak to that person that others aren’t?
  • How will you commit yourself to God’s mission and your commission to tell a person, people, or even the world about Jesus in a way they will understand?


Jesus, thank you for sending us the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, the Son told us that we would be empowered by you to do more amazing things than He had done. While we cannot understand how that can be, we know that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit do not let the Truth fail. Amen.