Christmas Eve—The Nativity of the Lord

Micah 5:2-4; Psalm 96; Luke 2:1-20

The beauty and mystery of God’s word comes alive when it comes to Jesus. Much of the prophecy that surrounds Jesus is in the middle of prophetic statements that on their own may have seemed insignificant. However, when so many words and phrases, seemingly disconnected, are fulfilled by the coming, life and death of one person, one cannot help but take notice.

We think of Bethlehem as significant. For Christians, it is. For the Jews, it was a backwater. Yet, God set it down in his word as the origin point of the great leader of Israel. From a human perspective, it seems that God is rewriting what was written. The reality is that mankind cannot comprehend the depth of God. Only as scripture was revealed through Christ could people have a “duh” moment.

On Christmas Eve, there is a old song being sung, but with a new meaning. Glory to God in the Highest!

God came down. God came down here. God set aside power, might, glory, holiness, and became a baby born where animals lived. Just as Bethlehem was looked down upon, where Jesus was born was looked down upon, as an outcast. There was no room for them.

In our Western culture, too many people are concerned about dates of such and such event. The date? That is a point in time. Perhaps we ought to look to those not of Western culture where the event (the presence), not the time (or date), takes precedence. GOD CAME DOWN! God came down where God promised! The world has become concerned about time and date, for then we can be distracted from the event.

On this day, can you sit and just wait? Are you able to not look at your watch (or phone)?

The Jews waited centuries for their Messiah. The event, the advent, of the Messiah was what they waited for. Expectation. Advent and especially Christmas Eve are all about expectation. Expecting the Messiah.

1) Are you actually expecting the Messiah? Have you replaced expectation of the Messiah with expectation for gifts or food?

2) With the first Christmas in the past, why is important to wait expectantly for Christmas now?

3) If the Messiah were to come tomorrow, would you be looking for him?

KD) Why did God decide to start life as a baby? What does that say about God?

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