Facing It

Psalm 119:81–88; Jeremiah 16:1–13; James 5:7–12

The yearning in Psalm 119:81–88 is almost palpable. The need for relief with a counterbalance of trust produces a huge amount of tension within a few verses. This tension is often part of our own lives as we desire immediate relief from our trials, the fulfillment of our hopes and dreams, and trusting God. Far too often, however, we have trusting God within that, so end up doing it in our own power.

This may be part of the reason why for God’s warning to the residents of Jerusalem through Jeremiah. Don’t try to make up for the exile through childbirth. That dream is more than you can bear. If you try, everything around you will fall apart in ways beyond your ability to bear.

The reality was that Jerusalem would not be a healthy place to remain. Due to resource issues, it would have difficulties sustaining a significant population. When that happens, disease and famine will come. It’s not a God-caused thing, it is the reality of an overdrawn environment.

When it comes to our trials and dreams, however, patience is often not one of our strengths. Often we also begin to bite at and attack one another. In an attempt to appease the tension and pain, we often turn to things and actions outside of ourselves: alcohol, drugs, food, sex, anger, fighting, hatred, insults, ridicule, complaints, discord, control, withdrawal. Various people find ways to deal with their pains.

Strengthening our resolve in God and following God’s lead is often difficult in the light of our dreams and trials, yet that is where God meets us. We just have to have the courage and faith to face it.


Where is the tension in your life right now? How do you see that tension in your dreams and your pain (trials)


Lord, build our capability to endure the tension between our dreams and our trials as we rely upon and have faith in you. Amen.

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