Nasty Water

One of the current struggles in the nation of Israel (the modern one) is water. Like every nation, they need water to drink, bathe, irrigate, and even manufacture. As of now, the land is (by and large) dry. Water is not yet a war issue, but may be.

Due to its “Law of Return” (those who are of Jewish descent can immigrate and gain citzenship), Israel has seen a constant influx of people, especially from nations that are more anti-Jewish. In addition, Israel has been fairly successful technology-wise, and others immigrate for opportunity. Regardless, the more people that come, the more water is required.
As of 2015, more than half of Israel’s water is provided via desaliniztion. This technology takes undrinkable (almost poisionous) sea (salt) water, and turns it into drinkable water. Due to its high proportion of sun, there is a drive to turn this into a self-powering process, meaning almost unlimited “clean” water at a very minimal cost.
Sometimes “known” bad water, such as the case with sea water or the water at Marah, isn’t the bad, limiting, or stopping thing that we think it is. When confronting our “bad water” it requires new thinking or, when God’s involved, a miracle.
When confronting our bad water, do we give it over to God, to pursue to overcome, or do we give up?
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