Help Me Understand

Psalm 102:12–28; Job 6:1–13; Mark 3:7–12

The recent Super Bowl reminded me of the first Super Bowl victory of the Seattle Seahawks. Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area and experiencing the 49ers and the Raiders, a Super Bowl championship was exciting, but not region-stopping. Super Bowl XLVIII was a disappointment in gameplay, but the Puget Sound and much of the Pacific Northwest was ecstatic with the Seahawks victory.

The reason to bring this up isn’t the victory itself, but the aftermath. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the area, the areas outside of Seattle proper like to avoid Seattle proper. Yet, people took vacation days and pulled their children from school to go to the Seahawk victory parade. This was a seriously happy occasion.

That’s kind of the image that we have here in Mark. People from the surrounding area came to the area to find Jesus. Can you imagine the ruckus that went with that? All those people! Imagine a small town that suddenly had a huge influx of people from everywhere else (Sturgis is another example of that).

Amidst all that chaos, all that overwhelming number of people. God moved. People were healed. The Kingdom of God wasn’t just near…it was at hand!

Then Mark just seems to toss in a quick mention about the evil spirits. Yep, nothing to see here. Just move along.

Yet, there is something strange here.

  1. These evil spirits, if they were really in control, would they have gotten anywhere near the Son of God?
  2. Were the evil spirits drawn to the Light, even as we are, despite their nature?
  3. Did, perhaps, they seek redemption even when told to be silent?

The Scriptures don’t say why. That really isn’t the point of the Scriptures. It’s in the presence of the whys, though, that we exist.
We shouldn’t avoid the whys. The whys are where most people live. We should be present with others in the whys so that they know they are not alone.


Lord, we always have more . Meet us in our , and help us to meet others in theirs. Amen.
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