Matthew 10:21–22; Matthew 12:46–50; Luke 11:27–28

Have you ever been in a conversation…and it’s going well…and then it’s really digging in…and then someone interrupts? That feeling of…really? Couldn’t you have held out just a bit longer?

Really? What was so important?

Family. Except, in comparison to the Kingdom of God, what is family? That might sound a bit harsh, yet for those who chose to follow Jesus when he was walking on earth and especially those that followed him after the Resurrection, that was reality. For many, it was Kingdom of Heaven versus family on earth.

In the 2 later passages (Matthew 12 and Luke 11), Jesus is teaching about the Kingdom of God. Then people interrupt with the family on earth. In Matthew 12, it is a combination of those listening and his earthly family that interrupt the teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus’ response to that is to include all those around him as mother and brothers, as long as they do the will of God.

Another time, a stranger interrupts Jesus to bless his mother, Mary. Not that blessing her is a bad thing, but what does this have to do with the Kingdom of God?

His response is similar to before. Blessed are those who follow God.


1) Have you ever had a situation where the path before you appeared to be God or (earthly) family? If so, what regrets do you have for whichever path you chose? If not, why do you think you were spared that choice?

2) How can the Kingdom of God replace our earthly families? What does the Kingdom of God seem to be missing (sometimes?) versus earthly families?


Father, you have called us to be your children. We are still children in the world, too. Help us to look to you for guidance as we navigate the earthly family around us. Amen.
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