Church Love

1 Thessalonians 4:9–11

Imagine being told that we don’t need encouragement or training or discipling to show brotherly love. That would be wonderful. Paul tells the Thessalonians that their love is displayed far outside of their home church(es) to the greater region. In other words, their fellow believers in the region know that these Thessalonians love them.

Does the community around Generations Community Church know it?

The hardest thing to think about is the following question. If your church (Generations Community Church) closed today, would anyone notice tomorrow, or even care? We all would care, of course! Would the community care?

Fellow churches would care. However, they are part of the extended family. All churches (should) care when another church—inside or outside their denomination—closes.

When the church says, “come in,” it may be welcoming and warm, but the church is still saying (effectively), “our turf.” The community recognizes that. The church says, “We love you,” but doesn’t live life with them.

It’s not to say that you or others aren’t out in the community as individuals. It’s whether the community knows that the church loves them.

1) What are ways the church can show love outside of the four walls?
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