Very Much Active

Numbers 11:16–17+Numbers 11:24–30, 1 Samuel 10:1–13, Mark 9:35–41

The —the third person of the Trinity—often does not in a way we understand or can predict. That makes us frustrated. For example, there are Christians who believe the has ceased miraculous ivity. For some, that means no miraculous healings. For others that means no “tongues”. For others that even includes the gifts of the Spirit.

Many tie the ment of the to the 12 Apostles and Paul. However, as we read in the Old Testament, the was ive without them. So, where does this us? Well, there can be no question, really, that the is in ion. Hearts are still called to Jesus. Hearts are still changed. Lives are still transformed.
To believe that 1/3 (the ) of the Trinity is inive while the other 2/3 (God the Father, Jesus the Son) are ive seems to be problematic. The is God. So, if the rest of God is ive, it seems illogical for the to not be.

The struggle is, again, that the does not necessarily in the ways we want or predict. Thus the conclusion is drawn that the stopped moving. However, miraculous healings do occur. Tongues still occur (and not just the charismatic type). The gifts of the Spirit, including prophecy, still occur. It is often that our hearts and minds are too dull and hard to see them for what they are.

1) Have you ever seen or experienced a miracle that could only be performed by God?

2) If you haven’t, or haven’t a long while, why do you think (or do you think) the is still ive?

3) Why do think it is important that the is or isn’t ive? How does your belief imp the way you live your faith?
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