Worship Together

Genesis 28:10–17, Exodus 3:1–6, Luke 23:44–46

Have you ever been confronted by a person who states that they can better in nature than in a church? They might be right. Jacob put a stone under his head, and upon waking declared that the wilderness was the house of .

Moses is wandering in the wilderness minding sheep. He walks to a burning bush that is declared by to be a place. This is no church.

During the last moments of Jesus’ crucifixion, the curtain (dividing the “normal” from the Holy of Holies) was torn in two. The between earthly and Heavenly is gone.

So, what about our challenger? They might be right. Perhaps they can better in ‘s Creation. It’s not out of the question as we look at Jacob and Moses. If we are only called to , then the challenger is right. So, where does that leave us? Moving beyond .

The Christian is far more than mere (not that it isn’t good and necessary). However, the way of Christ means being transformed into Christ-likeness. As good as is, it is only meant to be a piece and not the centerpiece of of a Christian. When we together, in comparison to alone in creation, we also become more of one heart. This allows—over time—us to temper and form one another.

1) Have you ever been tempted to just go it alone in ? Why? What restored you?

2) If you’ve had a with such a challenger, what was your response?

3) For you, what is the connection between and community?

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