The New Healing Miracles

2 Kings 4:18–37, 2 Kings 5:1–14, Mark 10:46–52, James 5:13–18

We are embodied creatures. In other words, our bodies are part of our being, well-being, and attitudes. When it isn’t well, it is harder for our perspectives to be positive or good. We have to work harder, pray harder, more to be joy-filled when our bodies aren’t functioning.

The Scriptures are filled with miraculous s. The Shunammite woman’s son (who was a miracle as it was) being raised to . Naaman’s of leprosy by washing in the river. The blind man being able to see. There was so much going on.

Today, however, there does not seem to be as much. There are the charlatans who “heal” in Jesus name while emptying wallets. The verifiable s are minimal (there are some). In the developing world, there are verifiable miraculous s. Now, yes, there are miraculous s even in the developed world. You may have experienced one yourself. However, they just are not that common.

One could argue that faith (or lack thereof) is the reason, and there is probably in it. Science and medicine, however, have taken the place of miracles. This is not to say that miracles do not occur. It is that because of our faith in medicine, God works through that primarily.

1) Why do you think God works through modern medicine, instead of miracles, in the developed world?

2) When James wrote his directive regarding seeking many of the ailments easily dealt with today were -threatening. What does this tell you about seeking ?

3) When we credit God for our through modern medicine, we still need to be thankful for and grateful to those who are in charge of care, especially for their faithful work, even if they don’t see it that way. How can you do this with those charged for your care?
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