Lamentations 3:25–33, Matthew 13:3–9

For there to be a harvest, there needs to be seed and sower. God’s love is both faithful and abundant. All too often, however, we treat God’s love as scarce. There is a concept called the “scarcity mentality.” This mentality is one that views things as a zero-sum game, and that there must be winners and losers, and supply is limited.

Sadly, in many human relationships, there is a scarcity of love, trust, belief, value, acceptance. Our human relationships shape how we relate to God. So, when our human-to-human relationships are skewed, our relationship with God is, too.

The problem is how that affects our ability to be the laborers in the fields of the Kingdom.

The sower parable is interesting in that it represents God (to some degree). The sower isn’t sticking to a row of surety, but casting seed all over the place! What a mess! What a waste! What abandon! God already knows that much of the seed will not “bear fruit.” God does it anyways.

We, however, often sow in scarcity or in nice, neat, controlled, little rows, stingily putting down seed, calculating the best yield for our efforts. The issue isn’t the yield, but the heart that sowed. We think we are being wise in our resources, however, one of the greatest risks is that our stinginess reflects our view of God.

1)What is your view of God’s love and faithfulness? Does that view match your life?

2) How do you see a scarcity or generosity mindset in others?

3) How can you encourage the generosity mindset in others?
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